Saturday, 30 May 2015

Check how the newly released LG G4 compares to the earlier LG G3

lg g4 android phone

LG G4 (Brown leather cover)



lg g3 android phone
LG G3 (Source:

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Friday, 15 May 2015

Learn how to access YouTube in countries where it is blocked (such as Pakistan) without any Proxy Software

YouTube is a great resource for enjoyment, education and learning and earning money from your creative content videos. Therefore, even in countries such as Pakistan where it is blocked; people often face the need to access it for continuing their specialized use of YouTube. In the lines below, I am going to explore different ways to access / open YouTube without using an VPN / Proxy Software.

open youtube without proxy

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Learn how to install Android (Mobile) Apps and Games on your PC

Developments in Information Technology have revolutionized the world, and it is estimated that now there are more Mobile Internet users than PC Internet Users. Therefore, the whole internet is being redesigned for being Mobile compatible. Largest IT companies like Google also lay more emphasis on Mobile Optimized sites (Recently Google announced that starting April 21st, 2015; Mobile Optimized sites will be preferred over non-optimized sites in Google Search Results). Therefore, designing websites and developing apps for Mobile Internet Users is the growing demand of the Global Internet Market. In this scenario, it has become increasingly necessary for Web Developers and Designers to build sites and apps compatible with both the PC and Mobile / Tabs.

install mobile apps on pc
Image under "free for use license" with the courtesy of

Sunday, 26 April 2015

File Processing System vs The Modern Database Approach

File Processing System

The File Processing System is the forerunner of the Modern Database Approach for managing Data. It can be thought of as the replacement of a Manual File System in which Data is stored in files or applications. The File Processing System has many drawbacks, due to which it has been replaced with the modern Database System. The most notable drawbacks of the File Processing System are mentioned below:

  • Data Duplication

A piece of Data should be duplicated to be placed in each of the Files or Applications being run in the File Processing System. For example, a Student's Name, Father's Name and Address must be stored by two separate departments of the college he studies in, i.e. "Registration" and "Examination" department whereas, there might be no need to store his address in the "Library" of the college. Therefore, same piece of data could be needed and stored in various departments or applications / programs.

This Data Duplication most probably gives rise to some problems that become drawbacks of the traditional file processing system, which has been the cause of its replacement with the Modern Database Management System. These problems are discussed ahead.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

How and where to find Copyright free images for reuse in your blogs?

find copyright free imagesImages are an important part of all writings. Your blog posts are no exception too! You need quality images to support your writings and even increase their value. Often, images help you get more visitors and followers of your blog because IMAGES speak LOUDER than WORDS. Most of the people surfing the internet tend to look over images and get an idea of what they were looking for. Only a little proportion (probably not mentionable) happens to read, and read all of what you've written (If you happen to read this then I might be a lucky blogger). 

So, apart from general images, you need quality info-graphics in your blog posts to easily communicate your idea(s) and create a lasting effect. Info-graphics, as the name indicates are pictures with text and graphics that portray information in an attractive and meaningful manner, as compared to a general peace of writing.

Not only you can find Copyright free images for safely reusing in your blogs, but you can also create info-graphics online within no matter of time. To know how to do this, read on..

Saturday, 18 April 2015

A Review of the Revised Scheme & Syllabi for the conduct of CE 2016 announced by FPSC, Islamabad

After a prolonged wait for the aspirants of CE 2016 (Competitive Examination for Central Superior Services commonly known as CSS), the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), Islamabad notified on April 17th, 2015 regarding the "Revised Scheme and Syllabi of the Competitive Exam".

According to the Public Notice issued by the Commission, the subjects (both Compulsory and Optional) have gone through a major reshuffling of Groups and their Total Marks.

Changes in the Compulsory Subjects of Revised Scheme for CSS 2016 

The Subject of General Knowledge comprising of three papers has been abolished. Now all the 3 papers previously included in a single Subject of General Knowledge have become Subjects independently. These new Compulsory Subjects are;

  • General Science & Ability
  • Current Affairs
  • Pakistan Affairs

This means, that now the candidates would have to pass each of these 3 subjects individually to move on to the next stage (of medical and psychological testing before being interviewed). Whereas, previously the candidates were required to obtain a collective of 120 marks out of 300 total in the subject of General Knowledge (GK) to pass the written portion of the exam. They were also relaxed and considered pass even if they obtained 120 marks in the GK by even getting failed or being absent in one of the papers of General Knowledge. But from now on, this would not be the case.

Monday, 13 April 2015

کچھ عرصے سے مرے احساسات بےقابو

urdu poetry
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