Saturday, 7 February 2015

Earn Money Online through PTC and PPC Sites

Let me introduce the term "PTC Sites" first. PTC stands for "Paid to Click" and PTC Sites are those sites which pay you money for clicking on advertisements placed on them. Buy Why?? 
  • Think; Why would somebody pay you for clicking their advertisements?
PTC Sites pay you because actually the advertisements on them are sponsored by advertisers who pay the PTC Sites for getting traffic to their websites. And in turn, the PTC Sites retain some portion of this earning and pay you the rest for clicking on the PTC Ads.

Their are many PTC sites which are highly paying. The most notable are ClixsenseNeobux and Probux etc.

Make Money Online

How to optimize your blog with the help of Webmaster Tools

After you have created your blog (at blogger) and published it to the web, you need to optimize your blog (take certain steps in order to review your blog's quality so that you can get maximum web traffic) with Online Webmaster Tools provided by Google and Bing etc.
As the quality of the contents of your blog is important to keep your readers interested in reading/visiting your blog, similarly it's quality improvement with the information gathered from Webmaster tools is important so that those interested readers ever reach your blog through the most widely used Search Engines i.e. Google and Bing. This procedure is called Search Engine Optimization.
To do this you need to log-in to your webmaster tools. Webmaster tools are provided both by Google and Bing but I would recommend you to use Google Webmaster Tools because Google is the best Search Engine out there as yet. So visit to signup for Google Webmaster Tools. Or if you want you can use Bing Webmaster Tools too. For WordPress blogs the webmaster tools can be reached out at

Learn how to remove the message "Showing posts with label...Show all posts" from Blogger

When we are using labels on blogger, we are familiar to the message that appears often "Showing Posts with label... Show all Posts". This message means that currently the posts with a particular label are being displayed, and the viewer can click "Show all Posts" to see all posts regardless of their labels. Although this message might be helpful on occasions in helping visitors find more relevant content or the content they were actually looking for, but at times it seems irritating to most of the bloggers. It also gives a non-professional type of look for professional bloggers, and therefore you might want to wipe that feeling away. If you are looking to hide this message from appearing, just do the following;
  • Click Template>>Customize>>Advanced>>Add CSS
  • When you click Add CSS, a text box to the right appears. Add the following code in this text box and press enter after the last character of the code;
display: none !important;
  • Once you have added this code, this message will be removed and will not appear again.

Learn how to invite authors at Blogger or transfer ownership of your blog

This post is specific about changing ownership of the blogs hosted at blogger (or Usually owner of the blog is the creator of the blog who also has contributed content to it. But, this ownership can be transferred to any other person having a Google Account. This can be done as illustrated in the following steps.

  • Log-in to your blogger account, and point to Settings (for the blog you want to change ownership of).
  • The first tab that opens in the Settings is the Basic tab, if it is not so, click to open the Basic tab.
  • Scroll to Permissions, and under it click Add Authors. In the text box that appears now, type the email address of the person you want the ownership of the blog be transferred to.
  • Now press, Invite Authors (As shown in the image below).
    Transfer blog ownership
    A snapshot taken by the author

Jab bhi teri yaad aati hy

Urdu Poetry
Note: This poetry is the intellectual property of the blog owner, please do not use in any manner except sharing online through Social Sharing buttons on this site.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Freedom of Speech or Expression should have its limitations

No doubt, freedom of speech or expression is one of the basic human rights but free speech should have limitations. We all know that there is nothing as free lunch in this world, because even something comes free to us, it definitely has a cost that is borne by someone else (may be we sometimes know or even don't know of that someone else). Likewise, freedom of speech isn't and shouldn't be an unlimited phenomenon granting almost all rights of offense and defense. With authority comes responsibility, so as a guarantee of basic human rights, if we are authorized the freedom of speech, we are also responsible to observe it within the ethical limits.

If there can be boundaries between countries, code of ethical conduct for media, do's and dont's for religious practices, good and bad behaviors defined for everything, then why can not there be boundaries for freedom of speech? Everything in this world has its limitations and so we should accept that freedom of speech does not guarantee us the right to unlimited freedom. As is also a famous saying "Your freedom ends where my nose begins". Making fun, insulting or ridiculing the faith or religious believes of others isn't ethical at all, but argumentation and criticism can be allowed until they don't lead to extremism.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Search and Play videos from multiple sites in one go using Bing Video Search

Search and play videos
A snapshot taken by the author

Bing is a growing search engine that is a joint venture of Yahoo and Microsoft. There are some unique features of Bing as compared to "Google"; the giant in the world of search engines. I am going to relate the specific video search capability of Bing Search Engine Called Bing Video Search that lets you search and preview (or play) the videos from multiple video sites like Youtube, Daily Motion, Metacafe, Myspace, Vimoe and many others. For this you don't even have to visit the individual video sites, rather Bing does all the job of searching and playing.